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[IP] RE: Ford and Minimed - Interesting pairing

Subject: Re: [IP] Ford and Minimed - Interesting pairing

On 5/19/2011 1:33 PM, BrentM wrote:
> http://www.startribune.com/business/122154669.html
> .

Technology is amazing, we can use a phone in our car, and answer it with 
just a touch of a button, so now, perhaps we can read our CGMS 
numbers/warnings on our dashboard cam?

Okay, let's say you are a responsible diabetic, you try hard to maintain 
control, you eat responsibly, take meds responsibly, exercise, etc, etc. 
etc. (and your life is perfect, right!?!?) and you have a CGMS because it 
helps you stay in touch with your BG...maybe the idea of it displaying on 
the car's dashboard display,e sp if you spend hours in the vehicle, appeals 
to you....great, GO FO IT, it would be more convenient thatn digging in a 
pocket, seat pocket or purse to locate an alarming CGMS and like a phone you 
have to search for, lots safer if you can just glance at the dash and make a 
decision on action (it is 90, I get off the road in one exit and I will 
.....or I think Ill pop a few Mentos as I head to the next exit....or I 
need to stop NOW and re evaluate/test, etc)
for that person, who works reasonably hard at using the tools available to 
maximize control and avoid danger (lows while driving, which no one likes) 
this might be a great resource.

For those who use a car all day (many jobs have hours of behind the wheel 
time) it might be a convenience (like the hands free phone)

It should be an option (not mandatory)

It should be affordable (we all know people who cannot afford to take proper 
care of their diabeasties as it is)

It would have to  have the flexibility to be chosen when in the vehicle 
(like a phone has to be SYNCED
(Just like I do not want to have some neighbor's phone ring on my car 
speaker,  I would not care to have my CGMS results broadcast to a 
neighboring car, at a traffic stop, and even if two of you are in a vehicle, 
you would need the ability to choose/sync ONE device up, as with phones)

We have a lot of tools out there to help us; Do they solve our Diabeasties, 
heck no
but having them available is a Godsend; try it, if it helps a person with 
control, to feel better, to maximize their life, so be it YAHOO

If it isn't a good fit for someone, maybe the next invention/device, etc 
will be a better fit for them?


Safety small print/disclaimer: If someone is not capable of safely driving a 
vehicle, then they should not be behind the wheel, whether tired, low, 
drunk, distracted, etc, etc. etc. and use of tools to help prevent incapable 
driving is good, using tools as an excuse or monitoring device is bad 
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