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Re: [IP] RE:[IPn] new pump approved

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> From: BrentM <email @ redacted>
> I don't think this pump will be coming home with me.    I like filling my 
> own 
> cartridges, as I save money by doing so reusing the cartridges. I doubt this
> will be an option for this thing.      I find the design deplorable as it's 
 > simply a way to create a revenue stream for the manufacturer at the expense
> the patient.    It locks you into a single choice for insulin products.   No 
 > thanks. Maybe my thinking will change as additional details about the pump
> surface that offset this "deficiency."

 I hate filling reservoirs and while I don't reuse them, I do fill mine
completely and use it until it's empty so they last a lot longer than 3 days. I
would not want a pump that was partnered with one brand of insulin, though, even
if it was my preferred brand. Insurance companies change rules all the time so
even if they cover all 3 fast acting insulins today, tomorrow they may tell you
that you must use Brand A if you want them to pay for it, or to have it covered
at the lowest price. Since the site says that the insulin cartridges can be used
for up to 7 days, I'm assuming they're talking about Novolog? I know that's been
approved for 6 days in a pump, and I didn't think Humalog was.

 When I used pens and did not have prescription coverage (paying OOP for
everything) I bought one box of pen cartridges and then refilled them over &
over from vials. I was using the small 1.5ml cartridges so I'd fill a syringe 3
times and inject it into the cartridge to fill it. Later I bought some 100 unit
syringes just to make it easier to refill my cartridges.

 More & more people are now looking for CGMS integration with a pump. I know
that the vast majority of people do not use a CGMS, but it seems like more &
more pumpers are. Unless this Pearl pump partners with someone, they're already
starting at a disadvantage. I am interested in finding out what "pay as you p
 o me it looks like a regular pump that uses infusion sets, even though none are
shown on the page, so I can't see how it would be cheaper than a typical pump
unless it was something like the OmniPod, where the disposable parts are the
real expense.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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