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RE: [IP] The Roche Combo ...Medtronic Pumps and Animas Pumps

Hi All,
The Accu-chek combo has been available in Australia since it was approved by
our Therapeutic Goods Administration in August last year.  It was first
launched in Europe, I think it's expected to be available in the US in 2012
I had a look at it last month with a rep.
The main pump no longer has an automatic closedown.  You get a second backup
pump which has a 6 month timed period on it.  (So you can use it if your
original goes down, or you want to carry a back up for holidays etc.  Or if
after it's 4 year warranty it breaks you have the backup to use whilst you
work out your next pump choice) :).
Although it is listed with an IPX 8 water rating ... it is only considered
submersible for a short period (from memory... 30 mins) and when you read
their recommendation, I would consider it really slash proof.  
The remote operates as a BG metre and needs to be used so that the data
feeds into the Pump programming (for bolus recommendations ; insulin/BG
graphs).  You can manually bolus with the Pump, but unless you use their
remote/BG metre the programming graphs do not operate.  It has a feature
where if you BG test sometime after a bolus/meal, it will make suggest any
correction needed to move you back into your set BG target range.
Warm Regards,

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I am aware that the Accu-Check Spirit will have the "combo" coming out soon.
This has a full color remote, which should be easier for some of us to read.
I haven't heard much else about the accu-check pumps.

Tandem - wont divulge a word about their pumps. I don't even know if they
are trying to get 501(k) coverage, or just selling in other countries.

I wish all these companies would/be allowed to provide us some information
as well as expected release dates so we can make informed decisions before
purchasing our next pump. I would hate to buy 1 and then find out a month
later that the one I really wanted is available. (kind of like Computers,
and Cell Phones!)
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