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Re: [IP] No doc will see me

Why are you saying 55 instead of 65?

--- On Thu, 5/12/11, Diane J Hudson <email @ redacted> wrote:

From: Diane J Hudson <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] No doc will see me
To: email @ redacted
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2011, 2:44 PM

A cautionary thought -- If you want Medicare to cover your insulin,
supplies and pump, you have to see a doc every three months, because
the medical suppliers have to have documentation of quarterly doc
visits on file before they'll ship anything.

If Medicare keeps some semblance of its current form for those 55 and
over (the current proposal in the great debate) and if you need that
financial help and if you're 55 or over, then you need to get your act
together so you will have a doc who will see you every three months
when you're eligible for Medicare coverage.

If none of that applies to you -- not yet 55 and/or have tons of dough
to spend on supplies, then you can continue as you've been doing since
your last doc visit in February 2009. If your numbers are good and
you're relatively complication-free, then you must be doing something
right, regardless of the doc's recommendations and orders. How long
you can maintain your good health (if you're in good health) is a
matter of genes (which have already demonstrated that they may not be
the best) and fate. So you may want to spend some time figuring out
what adjustments you need to make to "become compliant."

I agree that most docs know much less than we do about the daily
living with our beast. It's more than a shame that we have to jump
through hoops to get assistance with all the gear necessary to keep
the beast in control.

Diane, well over 55 and ever so thankful for current Medicare
provisions for diabetrics
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