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[IP] Water aerobics

Paulasina wrote:
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 23:23:43 -0500
From: "Paulasina" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] paradigm 522 and 'water aerobics'

I starting a "hydro trg" class at local gym 2 weeks ago and with arthritis
and recent elbow surgery, it's been great exercise!

I've been unhooking from my pump and doing class and guessing/trying to
manage BGs during each class.  Twice I've run pretty low (48 & 55) which is
unusual for me.  I wear a CGMS and would love to be able to keep the pump on
during the class as each instructor and class can vary significantly.

I know Medtronic says their pumps are not warranted for use in water/not
waterproof.  I can't switch over to Animas or other right now as I just got
pump this past summer.

Does anyone use their Medtrnoic 522 or 722 in the water?  I can't keep pump
above water as we do a lot of stretches, jogging, etc in the water often
'suspended' so in water for some time from neck down.

Appreciate any coaching anyone has on this topic.  I am in the water each
time for 60-75 minutes

Regards, Paula

Sharon Replied:

I do Aqua-fit class every Saturday. I just know to eat a good balanced 
breakfast and bolus half my carb intake, plus and minusing for the highs or 
lows. I stay connected before class starts then run to the women's locker 
room and disconnect my pump and keep in locked up in my locker, suspend it 
and jump in the water. I keep my monitor in the locker too, when I am out of 
the water I enter my bg and bolus if needed and am fine. My problems are 2-3 
hour later, Aqua-fit class is strenuous so much that I am sweating a few 
hours later. Depending on my sugars I give myself a minus 75% basal rate, 
sometimes a 125 % basal rate increase. Unfortunately it is a crap shoot. My 
understanding of being low and disconnected, your body/liver will shoot 
glucose or glucagon into your system to compensate. Carbs are your friend 
and they give you energy, choosing the right carbs is the key. I do keep 
Luna bars in my bag, only restrict yourself to half a bar which is about 15 
carbs if low.
It is unfortunate that type one's are running on very little insulin in our 
body and who knows when we will get a jolt of insulin or a jolt of glucose 
from our liver. Testing BG is so important! Sharon a new Revel 523 user plus 
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