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Re: RE: [IP] New pump-question for former cozmo users

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> From: BrentM <email @ redacted>

> Site change alarms and the ability to AUTOMATICALLY enter the bolus correct 
 > amount from a glucose reading are the biggest missing things in my opinion.
 > missing bolus calculations force a lot of extra button pushes. More frequent
 > low cartridge alarms from the Cozmo were also nice. The Ping only warns you
> once when the cart gets below the threshold and then doesn't complain again 
> until you're empty and it can't deliver insulin.   I also think that the 

 The Minimed Revel has the Bolus Wizard which means a lot less button pushing
than the Ping. It does not have a site change reminder but does have the option
to set up a missed bolus reminder. The Minimed pumps will alarm when your
reservoir is low (based on the user's setting) and will alarm every so often
after that. I actually don't know how often, maybe every half hour or so after
the initial alarm.
 > Cozmo/Cozmonitor also gave better glucose statistical info than the Pump/Ping
> Remote currently gives us, but that's probably  just a techie geek 
> complaint. 

 Minimed uses a One Touch meter to send BG readings to the pump. It doesn't act
as a remote and the data you can view directly on the meter isn't much. You can
see some useful data on the pump but to really see everything you use Carelink.
Carelink has a lot of great reports even for those who aren't using the CGMS. On
the pump, you can view daily totals or totals up to 31 days for the following:
carbs, total insulin, basal (units and %), bolus (units and %) and whether the
boluses were for food, food + correction, correction or manual. You can view the
total number of BGs taken, the average, the highest & lowest readings of the day
but not every individual BG. There is also a screen to calculate AUC, for
specific day(s) or a range (up to 31 days). There are also screens just for
sensor stats you can view, as well as viewing a sensor graph for the past 24
hours (there are 3, 6, 12 & 24 hours graph
23 Revel + CGMS
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