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RE: [IP] New pump-question for former cozmo users

 I went to the omnipod. My favorite thing is when I walk past kitchen cabinets
there is no tubing to get caught and rip the infusion site of off my body! A
minor thing about the omnipod: the reservoir info on the cozmo is more
informative. When the pod has over 50 units left it just says 50+. I have had
days when I wake up see 50+ then breakfast bolus, lunch bolus and oops -- by
dinner (esp. if my sugars were high that day) I don't have enough for a dinner
bolus. Also, the alarm to notify me about the pod expiring starts hours earlier.
If I'm in a meeting and cant get to my PDA to silence the alarm it beeps and

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 For those of you who have previously used a Deltec Cozmo, and loved it as much
as I love mine, what pump did you go to next and why? What similarities are
there to the cozmo, and are you happy with it? I'm close to the end of my
warranty and it's time to say goodbye to "Thing 4"=[ I briefly tried a Ping last
year and didn't like it, so I would really appreciate your input!

Julie Murphy
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