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RE[IP] Symlin questions

I have been reading the symlin discussions and have a couple questions for
anyone who has been on it for a little while...
Are you having to increase your dose over time- is this something your body
builds up a resistance to?
Do you get a bg spike later (rather than sooner), or have your bg's been
smoother overall?
Are any of you also on ACE inhibitors?
Thanks for the input!

Julie Murphy

Julie, I have increased my dose at first to 75 and now I do 90.I'm not sure
but I may go up to 105.  One night I did 120 by mistake and felt awful.  I
won't take that big of a jump again.

I take Ramipril, the generic version of Altace.  I didn't think there was a
negative relationship between Ramipril and Symlin.

I don't get a BG spike later unless I have miscalculated my carbs.  I eat out
alot and this is always my biggest problem.  At home, no problem, since I can
weigh everything on my little kitchen scale and come up with an accurate

MM 522
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