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Re: [IP] no dr will see me

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> From: Adrienne Burton <email @ redacted>

> How easy is it to change consultants in the US.  Is it that because you are
> paying them you can jus stop paying and move elsewhere or do your insurance
> companies have a list of specific doctors you can go and see and you have to
> fit in with that?

 It depends on the type of insurance plan. They all have rosters of doctors who
are "in network". If you choose a doctor who is in your plan's network, you
generally have a set co-pay for each visit. Some plans will only allow you to
choose doctors who are in the network. Some will allow you to go outside the
network but instead of just the set co-pay, you also have co-insurance, usually
something like 80/20, 70/30 etc. Insurance will cover 80% and the patient pays
the other 20%, in addition to the set co-pay.

 Depending on where you live, the list of available doctors may not be very big.
There may only be a couple of endos within reasonable traveling distance so you
end up being stuck with fewer choices. In big cities, it's usually not an issue
as there are a lot more doctors to choose from.

 Some insurance companies will make your primary care doctor write a referral to
see a specialist (like an endo) so that can be another hassle you have to deal
with when choosing doctors. Primary care doctors are overworked and writing
referrals takes up time they don't get paid for so many of them will make you
wait a week or more before you actually get the referral. There's a sign in my
PCP's office that says referrals will not be written on the day of the visit but
will be mailed a week later. My insurance does not require me to get a refrral,
but I can only see doctors that are in network. If I go out of network I would
have to pay the full cost.

 For people with no insurance, they can see any doctor they want as long as the
doctor is accepting new patients. I don't think any doctor would turn away a
patient payin
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