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Re: [IP] no dr will see me

 Doctors, being scientists, are trained in "see a problem, give a solution." If
the patient doesn't follow that, he is absolved (in his mind) of all guilt. This
is probably what drives doctors crazy, because of the way they are taught, about
dealing with diabetics. Your stress causing your sugar to go up? We got a pill
for that. I would think most doctors would see psychology as some sort of voodoo
except for taking stabs in the dark at finding some dang pill that will "cure"
the depression. They are also clueless when it comes to addiction. They cannot
understand at all why an addict (including food addicts) would not take their

 Not that I am sold on psychologists, especially those idiots who have you by
the (fill in your own graphic description here) and tell you "either you behave
the way we want you to behave or you are never getting out this hell hole we
call therapy." Just what a person who is fragile needs--somebody yelling at them
and making them feel even more guilty and worthless.

Finding the true key to change is not as easy as people think it is. 


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