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[IP] no dr will see me

I would like to thank everyone who has responded.
I havn't seen an endo since I left my wonderful diabetes team in Peoria IL. Dr 
 Sue Sauder and team taught me everything I needed to know between 2000 - 2006.
grew up, got married and moved to Cali. I don't think the CA endo liked me 
walking into his office and wanting a pump because my cozmo was 5mo out of 
 warrantee. Also I don't think he liked my service dog. Then the dr & I got into
it over what brand of pump to use, first a nipro amigo then a minimed. I was 
adament I wanted a waterproof ping. after the pump, he wanted to triple my 
insulin dose and cut my carb intake, without taking into account my cystic 
fibrosis. Yes I blew him off on that idiotic thought. But when a dr refuses to 
listen to his patient and charges $150 for 15 min. He might have been right 
about firing me, I feel I was right about not following certain orders. I was 
"fired" for being clinically late to appointments, not following his exact 
orders and not being on birth control.
 I do need a referal from my pcm who happens to work in internal medicine and is
head of the endo department at the navel hospital. I am going to take the 
 suggestion of stop looking for someone I already have. My pcm is an endo. I
go to her if she will have me as a patient. Thanks again to all.
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