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RE: [IP] no dr will see me

I agree with Richard.  After my beloved endo left medicinal practice for
research, it took me years to find an endo that listens and gives me credit
for my intelligence and trusts me to know my own body.  I don't always
follow her advice, but she respects me for knowing why and understands my
reality.  She often makes medication recommendations and when I questions
it, she often agrees with me.  You know when you find the right one and it
makes all the difference.

I know the problem you stated is that you can't find one who will accept you
who accepts your insurance plan.  Can you negotiate with your insurance
company or find an endo who is willing to go through the process of being
accepted by the insurance?

Best of luck!

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 What you have to do is find another endo. I don't know where you live and
might be difficult for you. But really you are lucky to be able to get away
such a domineering
 individual. Something I learned about diabetes is that the only person that
control your diabetes is yourself. The doctor is employed to help you, and
probably spend a
 total of 4 hours per year in his presence. The other 8,756 hours in the
you must tend your diabetes yourself. I had a doctor like that and if I
changed to another I would
probably be long gone.
On May 9, 2011, at 10:53 AM, Darcie Werthmann wrote:

 > I was told to never come back to my endo in Feb of 09 because of not
> dr orders amd now no endo will see me that my insurance covers. Does
> have
> any advice? I am seriously comsidering going to a lawyer about this.
> .
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