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Re:[IP] where do you get help when you can't afford diabetes ?

Leigh, we're self employed also and I can relate.
 We did get into an insurance company as two individual employees of a small
group. That was the only way we obtained coverage.

 I believe they have to allow two people to make up a group as long as you both
work for the business. Fortunately for us, we did this several years ago and
were grandfathered into an insurance company. We got a letter this year
reminding us we are sheltered in, and not paying what we probably would be
paying if we werent! I select the most affordable option among programs (decent
coverage, $500 deductible but have to pay $2500 or more for a new pump).

 I do not use a broker, because I can easily shop rates better, but again based
on having us both listed as two separate employees (we do not have kids). I know
the Blue Cross rates maybe five years ago were $1000 or more per month, we are
still under $900 for two of us.

 Your state may have a high risk pool or some sort of assistance programs. I do
know ours will not allow a voluntary drop of insurance. The other day a gal told
my arthritis group she obtained help through the local university hospital
system and it works well for her. That is another option if you have something
like that. It is kind of crazy that no one will take us if we voluntarily stop
our insurance payments, even if we cannot afford them!

 Insulin-wise, or for other meds, you can often get on a program where you can
get things for free for awhile. I believe the ADA has info on their web site
(and maybe dLife.com).

 Feel free to email me if you have any questions. If it is possible to get
yourselves listed as two employees, no family rates, you will be better off if
you can. (I dont know if you have children to cover). I usually get packages
from every major HMO type company in town, and have the numbers run.
Laura in NM
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