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[IP] testing at work

How do people handle testing at work?

I work as a dispatcher for an alarm company and the workstations are shared
- varying shifts use the same workstations.  Today it was brought to my
attention that one employee feels that the workstation where I generally sit
is contaminated because of bood glucose testing.  She has, in turn, tried
and succeeded in convincing another employee that this is true.  It'[s
slightly more complicated than this in that the other employee is somewhat
OCD (my phrase) about germs to begin with, and when another employee had a
non-communicable skin condition, she also refused to sit where he sat.

I have never heard of this being an issue and nowhere online was I able to
find that this has been a problem anywhere.  I test in plenty of public
places, I don't throw my sharps in a garbage can, I save them, covered, to
dispose of at home in a sharps container.  If I change out my set, I put the
old one in a plastic baggie and dispose of it in the regular garbage.

I could test someplace other than my desk, though I'm not sure where I could
do so that would satisfy this woman.  We women all share a bathroom and the
kitchen is shared so if she is afraid if I test at my desk, she would,
presumably, be afraid if I tested in any other location that she uses.

Has anyone had anything like this come up?  I work the midnight shift alone
and need to be able to test.

The only relevant thing I've seen has to do with students being able to test
in classrooms and there's not much on that.

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