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Re: [IP] diaTribe: Enlite Sensor Shines the Way to a Bright Future

Ricardo said:

>   - Would you say that +/- 6 points tracking is typical of your first use
> of the
> Enlite? Was the Enlite able to stay within 6 points of the Freestyle across
> all
> ranges of BG?
>   - After the first day and your subsequent restart, what was the largest
> differential that you saw between the Enlite and the Freestyle? What was
> the
> average differential?

My answer:

Most of the times that I check BG,  SG values appeared to be the same with a
+/- 3 pt difference at 60-140 range and +/- 10 pt difference above that. In
some cases where the difference was greater  I've had to wait for 6 minutes
to see the SG reach the BG. As you read at the article I used only one
Enlite (20 days) and now the second one (5 days). My experience is not huge
but the BG and SG numbers are very close. As I'm writing this email I
checked my BG which is 111 when my SG is 110 and I'm pretty sure that in 6
mins will be 111.

I did not made any sums to present data on average differential but I start
having big confidence at SG results. The only time I ve had some serious
difference with my second Enlite was when I slept on it and woke up with
about 40 pt less SG than BG. But the SG started rising fast and in 15 was
back to normal.

So, there are some problems even with Enlite (first day, sleeping on) but it
is a device that won my trust comparing to the Sof sensor, the only other
sensor I ever use as Medtronic is a lonely player here in Greece. It is
obvious that I'm not in place to compare it with Dexcom or Navigator. I hope
that other IP members from other EU countries who have at their markets all
products can give us information about the comparison.

Nikos Filippou
Thessaloniki, Greece

PS. My SG became 112 while I was writing.:)
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