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[IP] Summer Recreation

> I use Humalog. I live in South Fl. It's normally in the 90's during the
> summers; May thru August. I keep my insulin cartridge in use for an average
> of 4-5 days. I never think about the heat, sun, etc. After the 3rd day the
> insulin is not at the same strength as when I first use it. I usually change
> the cartridge after the 4th day.
> Phyllis

Come on Phyllis!  Summer lasts way past August here in FL!!!!  LOL

Seriously, if I'm in the pool, pump is off and I try to put it in the 
shade somewhere or cover it with a towel.

When I'm drying off and have reconnected, I try to put the pump under 
the towel or behind my back....trying to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Been pumping almost ten years now and living in Central FL and am 
outdoors a lot doing gardening, swimming, etc. and haven't noticed a 
problem with heat affecting the insulin.

I'm using Novalog  and I usually do a new reservoir fill about once a week.
Kathy B.

No matter what happens, God is in control. Give Him all glory and honor!
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