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Re: [IP] heart pain w a high blood sugar

----- email @ redacted wrote:

> ... my bg went from 400- 509 - got
> to cvs
> took reservoir to needle inject insulin-------now weird thing my heart
> was
> racing and my whole chest was hurting ...
> has anyone ever had this chest pain ?? 

Hi Leigh, 

 When my BG climbs above 300, I start feeling ketotic. One of my symptoms of
ketosis is labored breathing, accompanied by a rapid heartbeat. That may be what
happened with you, and would explain why it stopped when BG's came down.

 Having said that, I agree with the others. Do not hesitate to contact medical
professionals when you feel problems with your heart.


dx'd 1985 age 31
MM 522 since Aug 2007
CGMS since Dec 2007
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