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Re: [IP] Somogyi Rebounds

There is new treatment for DuPuytren's Contracture.  Needle Aponeurotomy is 
what it is called and my husband is having it the 10th of June.

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From: "Jim Durr" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2010 6:35 AM
Subject: [IP] Somogyi Rebounds

> Another word to add to a diabetic's vocabulary. DuPuytren's Contracture,
> hypo-unawareness, etc. When I started on U-80 NPH back in September 1956, 
> the
> three big words were diet, insulin and exercise. We have certainly come a 
> long
> way.
> My rebounds are disastrous. I can go over 400 after a low. I did have a 
> Rescue
> Squad bg of 13 earlier in the month. Lucky to be alive. I usually set a 
> temp
> basal at 200% an hour or a rebound. And then there is more testing.
> Diabetes in Control says there is less Type 1 near the equator. Maybe 
> sunshine
> has something to do with it. I am very busy in the late spring- early 
> summer
> here on the St. Lawrence. I went low the other day with my pump sitting 
> inside
> my house. I was working on my garden in the hot sun.
> Cheers,
> Jim Durr
> Ogdensburg, NY
> And yes, I have been swimming in the St. Lawrence. thermometer says 62 
> degrees.
> Water is so low I had to put a buoy in to mark a rock. Refreshing.
> .
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