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Re: [IP] post low highs

I don't really have a good answer to your question, and you've asked a great
one. So many here here seem so oganized when they are post low, but that's
not my experience when I have a devastating low - where I may be so out of
it, I can empty an entire bag of cookies!

Post low, I test frequently, bolus moderately, and keep an eye on my IOB.
Patience is the most challenging part of this - I dealt with my issue, and
now I should feel better! But aside from feeling crappy for several hours, I
just wait it out, figuring this too shall pass.

It's kind of like nailing jello to a wall. I find that no two lows are the
same - ie a carb countingerror, exercise, stress, medications, hormones, the
list is huge. So by looking for what might work every time might be
optimistic. I think the only realistic answer is to be moderate in whatever
you do.

I think the best answer is to prevent the lows in the first place (sorry, I
know it's a statement of the obvious, and you were asking what to do after
the low has passed). But if you are having frequent lows where this is
becoming a problem, you should speak to your CDE or endo, and perhaps
identify trends that are throwing you low. Perhaps it's the basals, or
perhaps something else might be going on.

As a preventative measure, a cgms system could help, notwithstanding the
additional cost and other factors that come along with that system.

I know I've rambled a bit here, but thanks for sticking with me through


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 9:41 PM, Jenny Sandy <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Typically when I end up high an hour or two after a low I will only bolus
> 25% of my sliding scale.  If I stay high, when can I handle a full bolus
> without ending up low again?
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> Life is full of challenges.  Being happy shouldn't be one of them.
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