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RE: [IP] heart pain w a high blood sugar

>Could have just been a panic attack from the stress of High BG and turning
40 ;-)<

That was what I was thinking too, sounded like a panic attack,  although,
any time, repeat, anytime there is unexplained chest pain go to your nearest
emergency room whether by ambulance or friend and have it checked out.
Especially as a Diabetic, the heart pain can be masked and not feel as
serious as it might be. I had chest pain last month and was told my doctor
to call 911, I didn't, I called my sis instead who is a block away. We went
to emergency, everything checked out ok but, "better now than never".

Paul TI 2/1981 @21yo MM515 

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 I am 40 years old ( as of Thursday - yeay ) i was going to friends house
in rural area- before leaving changed my pump- so all new and fresh to go
insulin- on the two hour drive- i checked was 236- gave correction- then 30
minutes later 356- now thinking either wrong amount from breakfast or my
is bent- got to place to ask where cvs was to get a needle bc i don't ever
w me- ( now i will )- within 8 minutes my bg went from 400- 509 - got to cvs
took reservoir to needle inject insulin-------now weird thing my heart was
racing and my whole chest was hurting- even burning - then i am thinking am
having a heart attack ?? i took 2 baby aspirins bc i think i read this
somewhere- of course then bg started to go down- and within hour i was back
the 200's- and chest was fine

has anyone ever had this chest pain ?? 

Leigh Blackistone 
email @ redacted 
404 . 644 . 4737 
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