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Re: [IP] blood at infusion site

Every once and a while you will pull an infusion patch off and get a 
spurt of blood.  It has happened enough for me to have a tissue ready to 
save the carpet.

Jeff Gamble
Big Bay Lighthouse B&  B
3 Lighthouse Rd
Big Bay,MI 49808

On 5/30/2010 6:10 PM, Cliff Jones wrote:
> Jenny
> I had this happen twice to me.  The only difference was that I had a feeling
> of moisture around the site.  When I pulled off the infusion device there
> was blood in the canula.  As soon as I changed the infusion set and area I
> was fine.  I now watch for it and as soon as my sugar goes high I check the
> infusion site.  Being new to pumping it was quite an experience the first
> time as I couldn't figure out why my sugar was climbing.  I also now know
> what insulin smells like and that is an indicator as well.
> Hope it helps, but I am only a novas at this pumping thing.
> Cliff
> T2, Dx 1991
> Dexcom-Plus 2010
> Animas Ping 2010
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> we were out and about and i was feeling off. my bg was in the high
> 400s. I bolused and an hour later I was in the low 500. Another small
> bolus and the next time I checked I was even higher. I had my fiance
> stop at a gas station for a bottle of water. When we got home I pulled
> my infusion set and there was blood in the canula and a little blood
> at the site itself. is that a sign that the site had gone bad?
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