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RE: [IP] post low highs

> I've bounced high when I've had an UNTREATED low, so it isn't always a  
matter of over treating.<

Agreed, it is also involving the Glycogen. I think it does involve not
enough Insulin, but we all know how variable this disease is. Again
everything is different for everyone :)

Paul TI 2/1981 @21yo

On May 28, 2010, at 8:24 AM, Paul Lehman wrote:

> Hi Jenny,
>  In my case if I end up high after a low it is because I ate too  
> much to
> counter the low..."Diabetic munchies". To correct a low eat only non- 
> fatty
> type foods, pure juice, glucose tabs, non-fat milk, etc. Keep track  
> of the
> carbs in what you have eaten. If running high after a low, it means,
> 1. I ate too much.
> 2. I went low enough and for long enough for my body to counter the  
> low and
> release Glycogen, which is stored in our bodies, and my eating  
> caused an
> excessive rise
> 3. I ate too much.
> In my own experiences, if I am high after a low, after correcting with
> non-fatty foods, it means the Insulin isn't there and I need to
> bolus...carefully, but usually the normal bolus.
> It's just my opinion from my own experiences,
> Paul TI 2/1981 @21yo MM515
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> Typically when I end up high an hour or two after a low I will only  
> bolus
> 25% of my sliding scale.  If I stay high, when can I handle a full  
> bolus
> without ending up low again?
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Sue Ann Bowling, Author of Homecoming
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