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Re: [IP] trying Omnipod ... HELP!

On May 30, 2009, at 9:40 PM, R & J Milo wrote:


> 1.	It looks like it will fall off.  Do you have to cover it with  
> OpSite
> or something to hold it on?  Does it tend to fall off during the  
> night?  It
> seems heavy and like it will pull off.

My experience has been that the OmniPod adheres very well and no extra  
tape is needed. I work in the construction industry,  often sweat  
heavily / profusely and there are no problems with adhesion. The Pod  
stays attached well during exercise workouts (biling) as well. I've  
worn it on my abdomen, back and upper arm, all with excellent results.  
I have bumped it and "tugged" it and it stays put.

> 2.	Is there any way to download the data to CoPilot?  Or does it have
> its own s/w?  Or does all data have to be input into and read from  
> the PDM?

The current version of the PDM does not allow transferring data to  
CoPilot. I understand the new PDM and software will include an  
extension to CoPilot to allow transfer of the OmniPod data to CoPilot.  
If you ordered the OmniPod through the "ex Deltec customer" offer,  
there's an upgrade to the new PDM and software available for about  
$150, once it's released (should be any day now).

Bob Burnett
email @ redacted
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