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Re: [IP] trying Omnipod ... HELP!

Hi joanne
 When I did my Pod trial I didn't use any extra tape and it stayed on fine. It
seems heavy at first but pretty quick you get used to it. Mine never fell off
during the night.

 Sorry I don't know anything about the software. It's been almost a year since I
did the trial

Judi in MI

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From: Joanne Milo
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Subject: [IP] trying Omnipod ... HELP!
Sent: May 30, 2009 9:40 PM

I just started my first pod, after reading the QuickStart brochure.  It went
pretty easily and I copied my basal profiles and settings from my Cozmo.  


2 questions please:


1.	It looks like it will fall off.  Do you have to cover it with OpSite
or something to hold it on?  Does it tend to fall off during the night?  It
seems heavy and like it will pull off.
2.	Is there any way to download the data to CoPilot?  Or does it have
its own s/w?  Or does all data have to be input into and read from the PDM?


Thanks . it sure is strange not to have tubing!  But the PDM is larger than
the Cozmo pump . looking for pocket space to share with the Navigator!


.. joanne

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