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Re: [IP] stains / epistaxis

<snip> epistaxis (that is bloody nose for those that do not know).
> (for those that DO have them.. do NOT bend your head back
> while putting pressure on the nose.. LEAN forward and put pressure on the
> nose.. for if you lean back, the blood can drip into your lungs..

I guess *practicing* medicine entails learning as you go. In May of '61 I 
was in the hospital to have my 10# baby induced 17 days early and developed 
a nose bleed two nights before (10-day total stay). The nurses (3?) insisted 
I lay back down as I was fighting for my life and choking on blood, and 
vomited! The only doctor who specialized in left nostrils (gr) happened to 
be in the hospital and they called him to my room. First thing he said, "Let 
her sit up!!!!" Whew! I thought I was soon to be gone. He cauterized me and 
all was well, but it sure was a fight to sit up and breathe in the meantime.

Hope all medical personnel have learned this lesson nowadays.

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