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[IP] Issues.....LONG

I know that 99% know that I have other med. issues besides D.
Well I am having some issues right now, and I am wondering if anyone else
has gone through this "bug".
When I use quotations, I mean I do not know what it is, and nor do my
doctors. I have not gone through this before, and the doctors are frustrated
as much as I am also.
Okay, here I go.
On 22, May, 08, I had a RF Rhizotomy (aka RF Ablation, RF Neurocoagulation
or nerve burning). Friday, 23, 08 (a week ago), I started feeling sick at
about 10ish at night, which slowly started to get worse.
By Tuesday, I was having nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, exagerated pain (even
worse than it was for the nerve burning.. for the nerve burning pain was 8-9
WITH pain medications and the pain was not only in my back, but RLQ, and it
was 10+ on the 1-10 pain scale and medications were not helping), fatigue
(all I could do is sleep or puke, rarely was I awake more than 20 minutes at
a time), roller coaster of blood sugars (ranged from 26 to HI.. HI on my
meter is >500, and HI on hospital meter [OneTouch SureStep] >600), and
subsequent extream low K+ (potassium) (which on Tuesday night/Wednesday am
was 2.2, Wednesday PM 2.8, Thursday PM was 3.2 and yesterday [Friday] was
3.3, yet it should be between 3.5 and 5, yet cardiologist wants 4.0-4.3).
I ended up in hospital emergency 3 times (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) due to
the above forementioned issues. On Thursday when I saw my doctor (ended up
in hospital emergency a few hours later due to being told to go ASAP), she
ordered Aerobic and Anaerobic cultures, CMP (comprehensive metobolic panel),
ect, and a abdominal ultrasound and a abdominal CT scan.
The blood work has not come back yet, but the radiological reports came back
with nothing.
Right now, I am getting BID a ltr bag of 1/2 (4.5%) normal saline, with
20mEq K+, 5u Regular Insulin, and D5 (sugar water), in addition to daily
labs (CMP, CBC w/diff, ect)... Thank g-d for my port-a-cath (aka port)(and
the 90deg Non-Coring Huber needle is staying put for 7 days placed on
Thursday night and will be removed on Wednesday, and if I still need it,
they will place another one..20g 1"). My sugars, even with the fluids with
glucose and insulin via intravenous access are still whacked out. I honestly
believe that I do not have a back up glycogen storage in my liver due to all
the lows, and for a period of 3 days, I have gone through 5 glucagon kits
(doing mini glucagon shots.. you mix it up like normal, yet you use insulin
syringes vs the IM needle, and 1u per every year of life except for year 1..
starts at 2.. so 1/2 year olds get 2u, 3 gets 3u, ect.. up to 15u [age 15
and over gets 15u] and then if you are not up within 30 minutes you double
and give imediately).
I am becoming extreamly frustrated. I am litterally eating phenergan
(promethazine hcl) (75mg q 4h while awake, except for when I am ready for
bed, and that is 125mg), and zofran (Ondansetron hcl) (16mg aka 2 8mg tabs
every 6hrs except for bedtime it is 32mg), and still vomiting.
Doing the IV sugar/insulin and doing almost a ltr of juice every 2 hours
(was told to drink 16 or more ounces of apple juice every hour while awake),
in addition to sugar soda (drinking alot of sprite), as I am on a clear
liquid diet (and have been since I got dc'd from hospital emergency wed am..
about 4am) or if I want to, I can eat the BRAT diet (Bananas Rice Applesauce
Toast/Crackers, and you can only do so much of the clear liquid and/or brat
diet). I have been told that if I am not willing, or unable to follow
through with the homecare, that I can be (against my wishes) hospitalized
(which I do NOT want at all). Also I can still be rang by the doctors at any
given time and told that I am being hospitalized, even though I am doing
exactly what is asked of me... That is because of my blood sugars being out
of control, in addition to my K+. As to little K+ can kill as to much K+
(you have a very narrow window of where it is required for heart health..
your heart requires K+ for function).
I know that this has been a very long post, but I am sooo frustrated and not
knowing what to do. It was once a day (at night) for the IV fluids, but when
the IV nurse came at 10p she had orders to start doing it BID (she will be
my night nurse and another RN will be my am nurse).
I have NEVER in my life had this happen, and I was wondering if anyone out
there in IP land has either had a family member (of course with D) or
themselves have had this occure, or am I, as usual very different/strange?
Please respond privately, unless, you think that the group would appreciate
your response.

Thank you
R. Leppanen
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