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RE: [IP] reasonable?

<<Also you have to keep in mind that with ever declining revenues for
each patient seen (thank you very much medicare/medicaid)>>

You also need to realize that where I am at, about 80% of the practicing
physicians DO NOT accept medicare or medicaid at all (absolutely none of
their practice is medicare or medicaid), and then the other 20% very very
few are acepting new patients.
Pretty much the only programmes that are accepting happen to be Residency
programmes, and some are not even doing that.
Where i am at, I would say 50% of the population with medicaid (not
medicare) are using the emergency room as their primary care due to very
little acceptance by doctors.
My own Internal medicine clinic as a example..
limits their medicare patient load to 20%
Limits their medicaid patient load to 3%
Thos with duel eligibility (medi/medi) are in that 3% catagory.
My own cardiologists office as another example...
Medicare 50%
Medicaid 5%

Out of 5 endocrinology clinics in my area, only 2 accepts new patients with
either medicare or medicaid.
2 do not accpet NONE with medicare or medicaid (means 100% are either
private pay or private insurance).
1 is, and has been not accepting new medicare or medicaid patients for

Also out of our 3 "medical boutique practices", 1 DOES accept medicare AND
medicaid patients (although limits the amount to 10% of the clinic).
Otherwise they charge $7500 per year per patient. And they can see the
doctor when ever, talk to them on the phone when ever, email them when ever,

My pain clinic does accept new patients, and new patients with medicare and
medicaid, but in the state that I live in, there is OHP standard and then
OHP plus, and then there is 11 different HMO's and then there is the open
card version (no hmo, but more $$ out of pocket.. $3.00 to see a doctor, $2.
generic, $3 name brand, $25 for emergency, except for when admitted to
hospital from emergency then it is zero, vs if you have a HMO certain
medications are under the $2/3 formulary, but 99% are free, doctors are
covered, ect). Depending on your HMO, depends on which doctor you can see.
Some doctors will accept the "open" card and none of the HMO's and some will
not accept anything, but a particular OHP + HMO, and there is even less that
accept the standard card.

<<The only answer would be to pay cash out of pocket to one of
these medical boutique practices, and then the doctor can "afford" to
reserve the necessary amount of time for each patient>>

I can ring the doctor, and they will schedule a 15min slot for me, but if I
need more time than that, the doctor will stay with me and answer my
questions. I would say ALL my doctors do that. On Thursday, I had a 15min
appt with reg. doc. I got to sit and talk to my doctor for almost 30
minutes. Yesterday (Friday), I had a 4.30 appt with another doctor of mine
for a 15min appt. I did not walk out of her office until 5.40, which is 1
hour and 10 minutes. She did however, leave the room for her last patient,
and she was gone maybe 10 minutes before she came back.
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