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Re: [IP] reasonable?

<<My total cholesterol is 186, Acording to the American Heart Assoc., under
200 is desireable>>

A diabetic should have a total of LESS than 150 (or if you have 1 or more
risk factors). So 186 is abnormal in that sense.

<<My LDL is slightly over the 100 mark at 116, but given all my other
numbers shouldn't this get SOME credit??>>

A diabetic (and those with other risk factors.. diabetic or not), should
have their LDL UNDER 70. It used to be less than 100, but newer studies
state under 70.

This is my current lipid panel profile
Total: 127
HDL: 72
Triglicerides: 23
LDL: 58

And MY cardiologist INCREASED my crestor from 15mg qhs to 20mg qhs. And I am
within the AHA/ASA guidelines. (Used lovastatin and Lipitor with ZERO
effect.. my total cholesterol was 285??, triglicerides have always been LOW
LOW LOW, HDL was 35-40 and LDL was 189, and I was also taking 1000mg bid of
Niaspan (extended release niacin), and everything else that they could
through out at me.)
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