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Re: [IP] stains

Been to where you have been more than once. Not only with gushers from pump
sites, but from epistaxis (that is bloody nose for those that do not know).
More than one pillow has gone to the garbage due to a bout of epistaxis.
It used to be this way.
Sitting at kitchen table doing homework (last major one was in 1999). And
all of a sudden.. drip drip drip drip.. took almost 1 hour to get the nose
bleed to stop. (for those that DO have them.. do NOT bend your head back
while putting pressure on the nose.. LEAN forward and put pressure on the
nose.. for if you lean back, the blood can drip into your lungs.. and if you
lean forward it will not occure, and could stop it easier.. learned the hard

Sara, I have also had "gushers" like yours. More times than I can count.
gauze sponges, hand towels (bathroom is with light colours, so I had a
mess), and down the front of me.
Also just like you, I have a roll of TP at beside, but then I also have
biohoop bags (biohazard bags that have a hoop to hang on a bedrail or
something else) as I have been known to wake up vomiting (with both high and
low sugars, and sometimes normal values).

I have also had gushers.. After I had placed a site, and it was find for
several hours, and then all of a sudden 90% of the tubing had blood in it,
and then I pulled the site, and OMG blood everywhere, spurting (like you had
I HAVE ended up in ED due to a gusher too. Was with a friend when I went to
change site, and she got freeked, and told me that either I went with her
willingly or she would ring 911 for help.. it took forever to stop, and
there was a hematoma the size of a jumbo grapefruit (which also took forever
to heal.. sometimes they can take upwards of 4 weeks to go 100% away).
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