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[IP] doctors

 easy to say "change doctors" when you have them in your town to change to - not
so easy in this two horse town. The few doctors here that see diabetics are
either not accepting new patients or only deal with children or type 2, and the
worst one, actually handed me a "no no" list of things I couldnt eat, and said I
tested my blood sugar too much...she wanted me to do it 4 times a day, twice a
week, and SHE would make adjustments to my insulin...yeah, that was not a long

 i should have included the fact that I DID ask why switch, and why not just up
the old drug dosage first, or maybe he could encourage me to work out more since
he knew i had dropped off on it, or hell, ask me about my diet (which is fairly
rich in fiber, whole grains and the good fats, and low in the bad ones)?  I
DON'T  have the other risks for heart disease, and I have always figured
saying "all diabetics are at higher risk for heart disease" is kinda like saying
ALL diabetics need a flu shot.  by saying ALL, they are covering their
butts for the 90% of diabetics who ARE truly more at risk for catching the flu
due to compromised immune systems, or having heart attacks for being over
weight, smoking, family history, etc. I think well controlled diabetics who are
not overweight, hypertensive or have family history and who don't smoke
shouldn't be lumped into the same risk category just cuz they have the same
disease.  i think that is

 I suppose if he had given me the facts that the simvastatin was better at
lowering LDL, i could have understood, but no, what he does when i ask a
question or present any kind of challenge is kinda roll his eyes, and chuckles a
little like he is dealing with a 12 year old. he has so little hard evidence and
I LIKe evidence, which is why i brought it here - YES i would like that chart,
if you can email it to me directly, although i am sure it is pretty similar to
the ones I have downloaded from the ADA and AHA...  Plus, why not some
frigging credit for having HDL and Triglycerides in the normal / desirable
range??  My A1C went down by .2 and instead of saying good job, cuz he
knows I have been working on it, he said your a1c is still not where I would
like to see it.  No sh*t sherlock, it isn't where I want to see it either,
hence why i have been working on it and why i am here to get you to write me a
letter for a new pump and CGMS? 


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