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Re: [IP] stains, gushers & good stuff

Seriously, Sara,
I devoured your post and reveled in every gory detail!

I've had a couple gushers and quite frankly, found them fascinating. I mean,
how can we seem to lose so much blood from such a tiny entry wound?

The last one for me was in the driveway after arriving at relatives for the
weekend. I realized I had a old site in and discretely zipped it off. Within
minutes, everyone around me was freaking out since my white t-shirt was
literally dripping with blood.

I had a bruise which was incredibly huge later on but didn't have to lift a
finger to help with anything all weekend. Everyone assumed I needed to rest
and recover; hah!

I've even squeezed a finger prick and had it shoot across the counter.
Gotta' find something humorous about this stuff.


> seriously folks, I didn't post my gusher stories looking for ideas on how to
> get the blood stains out of my sheets.  I can do that on the martha blog
> or
> the good housekeeping thing. I think it is hilarious, and yet depressing at
> the
> same time, that it was the STAINS mentioned in my post that drew people's
> attention....not a word about my vivid descriptions of oozing, pooling
 > blood,  no comment about me looking like Carrie after the bucket of
> pours over her? no smart ass remark from George or Wayne? Yaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn
> what's happened to IP??  I guess if I am recycling my old stories, I
> guess
> there really isn't anything new under the sun to talk about.
> Sara
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