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[IP] Cataracts part deux

OK, the retina man said my retina's stable. He said to 'go for it' as  
I've got the thickest lenses prescribable as it is.

Went to the Ophthalmologist for the lens measurement and scan. Have  
papers for Internist's OK, stuff like EKG, chest x-ray and blood work.

Every thing's been cleared and authorized with insurance.

Still, I have some doubts though.  I've seen where folks have said  
they can no longer see near to them, can't see print and all *I* have  
had most of my life is nearsightedness! I also see on the net from  
medical journals and eye institutes that ROP presence indicates a 23%  
chance of retina comps after cataract surgery. I'm going to stop by  
the Optometrist today and ask about the glasses I would need for  
reading and if he also thinks this is a good thing. OK, He's an  
optometrist, but his 'pet' subject is the retina.

They have me set for the op on June 10th, but I know if I go for all  
the tests and such get those done, I still would (Not be popular)  
cancel out at the last minute. I know cataract ops are extremely  
common and routine nowadays, and many things have been improved on in  
the last 5 years alone, but going to this Ophthalmologist's office  
reminds me of a 'cattle-line' where ppl one after the other are coming  
in with the big patch on them from cataract ops. Kinda like he is  
making his money JUST on those procedures, but of course I may be  
totally wrong in this assumption. We do have a much older population  
now and it seems everywhere there are eye things done on these elderly  

I dunno if I shouldn't wait a bit after getting the tests anyway....  
What the heck on those, they're good to have at any rate.

The Ophthalmologist did say with what he's seen in my eye, I have  
'Grade 3 ROP'. He's Dr. Luis Chanes in Mission Viejo and Santa Ana,  
CA. He's an instructor in ophthalmology: Diplomate, American Board of  
Ophthalmology, Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology and so on as  
well as running the Eye Associates of Orange County. He's a 'Board  
Certified Eye physician and surgeon'. All SOUNDS good, but.... I'm  
biting nails here.

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