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Re: [IP] reasonable?

 Regardless of the specifics of any situation at the doctor's office, it is our
right as a patient to question what they want to do. You are PERFECTLY within
your rights to have the doctor give you a detailed reason for any change and if
they can't or won't give you that, maybe it's time to find a new doctor. I went
to the only endo in my town for 4 years, begging to be put on the pump, doing
each and everything that he asked without question and finally I said I'd had
enough and quit going to doctors at all...until the prescriptions ran out. I
started on a doctor search and have ended up seeing a doctor (45 minutes from my
home and worth every minute) that listens to me, explains any changes and had me
on a pump within 6 months of my first visit..the insurance slowed us down
because I hadn't been to any doctor in a year...or I would have been on the pump
after my first visit. It's all about communication. You know you better than

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 Am I being a "bad" patient (not that I really give a dead rat's a**), if I
question my doctor on WHY he thinks he needs to change and UP my cholesterol
medicine?? Granted, we are a group, are more prone to heart attacks and stroke
and all that, but here are the givens:

 My total cholesterol is 186, Acording to the American Heart Assoc., under 200
is desireable

 My HDL is 50 (down from its usual 65 this time, I suspect since I have stopped
my fierce work outs due to my frozen shoulder).  The AHA says over 40 is

My Triclycerides are 98. The AHA says under 150 is normal

 My LDL is slightly over the 100 mark at 116, but given all my other numbers
shouldn't this get SOME credit??

  WHY does he want to change me from the lovostatin I have been on for years to
higher does of zocor?  The lovostatin is a $4 drug at Target!! The generic
of Zocor isn't!  It is not the money -  it is WHY???? the change.


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