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RE: [IP] stains

 Sara, We have been there and done that. The only new thing was removing the
stains. There is always something new. Your Vivid descriptions did not go
unnoticed., it is just that after the Halloween series of movies and my own
experience of "Gushers" It becomes kinda routine.

John S Wilkinson 
Rome, NY

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 seriously folks, I didn't post my gusher stories looking for ideas on how
get the blood stains out of my sheets.  I can do that on the martha
blog or
the good housekeeping thing. I think it is hilarious, and yet depressing at
same time, that it was the STAINS mentioned in my post that drew people's
attention....not a word about my vivid descriptions of oozing, pooling
blood,  no comment about me looking like Carrie after the bucket of
pours over her? no smart ass remark from George or Wayne? Yaaaaawwwwwwwnnnnn
what's happened to IP??  I guess if I am recycling my old stories, I
there really isn't anything new under the sun to talk about.

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