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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V11 #14

Test Find Possible Link
Cell Phones & Brain Cancer 

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Hi Spies,

 > [...] there were various neurologists
 > on there talking about cell phones--
 > not to hold them to your ear [...]

First, the RF emitters in CGMS systems and pumps are much weaker,
by orders of magnitude, than a cell phone -- remember that a cell
phone must work over a distance measured in miles.

Second, I would probably want a little more specific information
than what they say on Larry King. So far, there is not a single
study showing any relationship between cell phone use and illness.

Remember the fear-mongering about "electrosmog" and
"electrosensitivity", living close to high-power transmission
lines? Same thing here: By adequately trimming the dataset and by
excluding those annoyingly healthy people after the study data has
been collected, the results can be skewed in any direction. (In
the case of "electrosmog", "clusters" of cancer were detected by
gerrymandering the cluster boundaries. What the media neglected to
print was that from random chance, one would have expected a
similar number of groupings.)

Anyway, much as I would like to see it, cell phones do not cook
the users' brains, nor do they cause cancer, nor do they provide
fodder for the National Enquirer by creating four-headed babies.
And your pump and CGMS are weaker by far.

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