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Re: [IP] RE: {IP} My first gusher; Silhouettes

--- On Wed, 5/28/08, Janis Beaver <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I switched from the quick-set to the Silhouette (bent
> canula problems), but
> keep having to insert a new infusion set because of blood
> inside the very end
> of the canula (and BS shooting well into the 300's). 
> I'm usually quite
> well-controlled, so I know the problem lies in the way the
> set went in if my
> BS escalates.  (I prefer to use my abdominal area, since I
> do alot of pilates,
> yoga, tennis, golf, etc.)  I've gone through quite a
> few lately.  I'm using
> the Silserter because I just bend the needle if I try to
> insert manually.
> Anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks, Janis

 Maybe you're inserting at an angle that's too deep? I used the SilSerter in the
beginning and wasn't able to control the angle very well with it. It worked
better on fleshy areas where there was more insurance (padding) in case it went
in at too steep an angle. I have never bent a needle while inserting manually. I
pinch the flesh up (and I pinch hard, because it dulls any pain from the
needle!) and push the needle in firmly. Once it does the initial poke I move it
around to where I want it and then push it all the way in.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005
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