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[IP] RE: {IP} My first gusher; Silhouettes

Not sure how to access the digest, but here goes . . . .  Perhaps the heat
from the shower water sustained the gusher longer???   I've had plenty of
gushers, and find that pressing down on the site for a while with a tissue or
such stops the bleeding.
I switched from the quick-set to the Silhouette (bent canula problems), but
keep having to insert a new infusion set because of blood inside the very end
of the canula (and BS shooting well into the 300's).  I'm usually quite
well-controlled, so I know the problem lies in the way the set went in if my
BS escalates.  (I prefer to use my abdominal area, since I do alot of pilates,
yoga, tennis, golf, etc.)  I've gone through quite a few lately.  I'm using
the Silserter because I just bend the needle if I try to insert manually.
Anyone have a suggestion?  Thanks, Janis
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