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[IP] my first gusher

 When I used QuickSets I would always leave the old set in for a few hours when
it was time to insert a new cannula. I had many problems with the sets not
working, so being able to hook right back up to a working set until I could
change it again was a plus.

 I switched to Silhouettes and I rarely have problems and always remove the set
before inserting a new one. After reading about gushers here I started removing
my old cannulas in the shower. I never had a gusher until this morning. I
couldn't believe how much blood came out! Since I was in the shower I just
watched, fascinated, for awhile as blood poured out. Then I continued with my
shower and it did finally stop bleeding after about 10 minutes.

 I had no problems with my BGs while that set was in, it didn't hurt, it wasn't
red, I saw no blood in the cannula or tubing. After I got out of the shower I
checked the site and just had the normal little bump on my skin.

 If I had removed that cannula anywhere else, I'd probably still be at home
cleaning blood off everything.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 715 5/2005
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