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Re: [IP] Square wave (combination bolus)

R Leppanen wrote:>> I bolus 30% now 70% over 8 hours (maximum pump allows),
and sometimes after> that 8 hour period, I will add 2-3 u more and put it on a
extended bolus for> a extra 2 hours (sometimes I will add 4u over 3 hours, if
my sugars are> starting to creep up after hour 7)

What type of pump do you have?  I have Cozmo, and perhaps I don't know how to
utilize all of it's features, but I am not able to perform an Extended bolus
(including Combination, which is equivalent to Square) on top of another.
It's one of the things I dislike about the Cozmo.

I can do a bolus every 5 min if my little heart desires, but it doesn't really
have that yearning.  :-)

If a stacked Extended (or Combo) on top of another can be done, please tell me

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