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Re: [IP] combination bolus :Gastroparesis

<<How do you handle basal testing and I:CR ratio testing?  I'm working on
checking my basals, but can not get consistent results from one day to the

Basel testing: With basel testing you need to go NPO or nothing by mouth,
which a normal person for am basels don't eat after 9pm, for afternoon, they
eat bfast but nothing till dinner, and then for evening, they eat bfast,
lunch, skip dinner, and eat a bedtime snack, and do that for a few days.

My C:I ratios have been trial and error, just like my basel rates.

I am ALWAYS doing basel testing and verifying my c:i ratios. I do them every
5-6 months, or when my sugars are out of control for a unforseen reason. (no
due to infection, surgery, surgical pain procedure, steroidal injection,

I have never seen more than 2 days in a row with my sugars holding steady
with fasting with basel testing.
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