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RE: [IP] combination bolus

<<Do you tend to use a higher C:I ratio?   How do you handle it if you eat
at noon and then want to eat again at 6?   Doesn't your pump still show IOB
(insulin on board)?    How do you work around that? >>

No, I actually use the same c:i ratio as I would for juice/sugar soda/ fruit
(except for banana's, they do not work to well with 100% now bolus), ect
(simple sugars, that I use to get sugars up or just because I want them).
The same 1u covers the same 13g cho (1:13), no matter if it is 30/70 over
8hrs or 100% now.

If I eat at noon, and do the 30 now 70% over 8 hours, and I want to eat in 6
hours (rarity though), I just restart the combo bolus with a
increased insulin amt as I am stopping the previous one.
I am rarely hungry more often than 8-10 hours after previous meal.
Sometimes, I litterally have to force the issue with food, as I still have
not digested 75% of my previous meal at hour 12.  (When I did the
radioactive egg meal to dx the gastro, and to find out exactly how long it
took, for a 1 egg meal it took almost 11 hours to digest vs a normal person
2-3 hours).
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