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Re: [IP] Square wave (combination bolus)

Thank you R Leppanen and Shirley for the info on gastroparesis and how 
you handle it. 

I'm a lurker here, but was diagnosed with gastroparesis a couple of 
months ago and am having a heck of a time trying to figure things out.  
It seems nothing is consistent from day to day, or even meal to meal.  
My supper meal is by far the hardest to figure.  What you wrote here 
sounds very similar to what I'm trying now though I haven't gone out 8 

How many IPer's have gastroparesis?  I don't see many posts relating to 
it and info on the internet is not very helpful.  Even my doc's office 
doesn't seem to have much knowledge.  I've been feeling alone in my 
struggles...but maybe I'm not so crazy after all, I do need the insulin 
that far out, and yes, sometimes even more than calculated for the 
amount of carbs.

How do you handle basal testing and I:CR ratio testing?  I'm working on 
checking my basals, but can not get consistent results from one day to 
the next.

Thanks again for the info,

R Leppanen wrote:
> Due to gastroparesis, this is what I do with 90% of my meals. (I do a combo
> bolus 90% of the time that I eat, otherwise I go low then sky high).
> I bolus 30% now 70% over 8 hours (maximum pump allows), and sometimes after
> that 8 hour period, I will add 2-3 u more and put it on a extended bolus for
> a extra 2 hours (sometimes I will add 4u over 3 hours, if my sugars are
> starting to creep up after hour 7)
> .
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