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RE: [IP] Square wave (combination bolus)

I also have gastroparesis but have only been doing a 2 or sometimes 3 hours
extended (I do 100%).  I tend to go low at the 2 hour and then high at the 4
or 6.   Maybe I need to try and extend for a longer period, using some at
the time of eating (as you do) and then extend for a longer period.   Do you
tend to use a higher C:I ratio?   How do you handle it if you eat at noon
and then want to eat again at 6?   Doesn't your pump still show IOB (insulin
on board)?    How do you work around that?   Thanks!

Shirley, dx age 5 in 1954/Animas 1250 Oct. 2005

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Due to gastroparesis, I bolus 30% now 70% over 8 hours (maximum pump
allows), and sometimes after that 8 hour period, I will add 2-3 u more and
put it on a extended bolus for a extra 2 hours (sometimes I will add 4u over
3 hours, if my sugars are starting to creep up after hour 7)
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