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RE: [IP] Profit Potential in the Insulin Pump Market (Was Pump Protector)

Hi George,

 > Methinks the conversions from milliliters
 > into microliters into nanoliters has gone
 > a bit off.

of course I may have thrown a few zeros away in the course of my
calculations. Perhaps you could verify my numbers:


Insulin half-life in the blood-stream ~5 sec.
At least one pump-stroke per half-life.
U-100 insulin used. Glucagon ignored.
Basal rate of 0.2u/h.

0.2u/h ? 0.0000555... u/sec, or 0.0002777... units every five
seconds (pump-stroke).

1 ml of U-100 insulin contains (duh) 100u. 1 ul thus contains
0.1u, 1 nl contains 0.0001u.

A single pump-stroke must then deliver 2.777... nl of U-100
insulin to offer a minimum basal of 0.2u/h. Conversely, a pump
that can deliver 1 nl with every stroke could, assuming a minimum
of one stroke every five seconds, deliver a minimum basal rate of
0.072 u/h.

This does not yet take account of reduced basals for special
circumstances like exercise and such.

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