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Re: [IP] Dental problems,numbing tooth

I guess then I am one of the few.
I have been a diabetic since age 3 (30 years), and I do not have nerve
damage to my facial muslces or nerves, but I have NEVER required a dentist
to numb me to drill or pull, but my dentist insists on numbing because he
does not like to do dental work without numbing.
When I was young, and started to loose my "baby" teeth, and they were just
barely loose, I would litterally wiggle them until loose enough to just pull
them.. Basically, they were loose and would have taken a month or so to fall
out naturally, and I would force the issue and then pull. all within a 30-60
minute period (one time at shull.. I went in with a full mouth of teeth, and
came out with 3 missing.. as I had pulled them), then there was that one
time, that i had the adult tooth coming in and it was coming in vertically
vs horizontially (the baby tooth was still firmly planted), and I had my dad
take needle nose pliers force it loose and pulled it (was at the coast..
summer 82.. I was 7).
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