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Re: [IP] Please advise

For alternative testing with the alternative testing cap. One should do this
(according to what I have been told from the manufactures rep).

1. rub the area that you are going to lance to bring up blood to the
2. place the clear cap on lancet to area, prick normally like one would on
the fingers
3. rock the lancing device back and forth to "milk" the area.

I have found that Freestyle brand'ed products have more than enough blood
via this way, and rarely any other maker.

Personally, for alternative testing, I use a VACULANCE.. it makes a vacuum
to suck up the blood..
On that one, you push the plunger and then it pricks the skin and causes a
vacuum, and then when you have blood showing, you are to push the plunger
1/2 way down again to release the vacuum and you do not get blood up into
the lancing device.. (Bayer is the maker, and most pharmacies do not carry
them, but they can order them and pick up the next day).
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