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RE:[IP] Dental problem, numbing tooth

Mark Wrote:
<Every time I've had fillings, root canal's, etc., the dentist office  
doing the work has commented on how LITTLE numbing pre-treatment I've  

Requiring smaller amounts of pain killers can be a good thing or a  
bad thing in the case of a neuropathy being the cause for the  
diminished need for analgesics.

<Wouldn't it seem more logical, and cost effective for the insurer to  
cover needed work IMMEDIATELY rather than saying "You need to have  
our coverage for xxx-years BEFORE we will even consider covering such  
a treatment."???>

For the average person, tooth pain is the type of pain to motivate a  
person to run to the dentist, though it may be out of pocket. In the  
eyes of the insurance company, it is economically wiser to have the  
waiting period flush out most new patients who may have extensive  
dental problems, force them to pay out of pocket and start insurance  
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