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[IP] cataract surgery/retinopathy

Wyldceltic1 wrote
IF I go for this, how do folks on a pump deal? I know from when my dad
had this done they patch your eye. I will then, for the overnight/
following time that this patch is on, be totally blind as my right eye
has no function at all...

Sharon Replied:
Last year, my left eye had two vitrectomies at two separate times of course 
and my right eye was being treated with laser surgery. It always seemed one 
eye would compensate for the other. One week after the first surgery on my 
left eye, I had no sight in it because of the gas bubble in it, my right eye 
was patched for the 2 1/2 hour ride home then I was able to remove the 
patch. My mom had to do everything for me, help me check my blood sugar, 
tell me what I was eating so I could bolus correctly, she bolused for me via 
my instructions. When the patch was off my right eye, I could see ok but 
still needed help reading things. I enlisted help from my son and husband, 
but it wasn't too bad. I may require cataract surgery within the next year. 
Laser surgeries are rough on the eye for sure! Sharon 
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