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Re: [IP] Was "Immediate help needed"

* I'm so glad you're home & OK now.*
*MM  515*

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Valerie Adams <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Thanks very much to all who responded.
> I did go to the ER this morning because the nausea was getting bad. Didn9t
> throw up, and I9d been hydrating really well, but still felt awful.
> The ER docs were great, immensely interested in my pump, saying they don9t
> often see them because, 3Let9s face it, folks who are savvy enough to be
> pumping are usually in great control and doing well.2 After they listened
> to
> what had transpired with my set, they agreed that I looked fine and my
> every-fifteen-minute tests showed them I was dropping, just not as fast as
> I
> would9ve liked.
> They did a blood draw and said my panels, electrolytes and potassium looked
> great so I9m already home. A 45 minute ER visit! Amazing.
> My BS is down to 230 right now and I9m feeling pretty much normal. The
> smartest thing I think I did was to drink a large amount of water at 3:20
> am
> and then got over 32 ounces in within the couple hours where I figured out
> I9d had a bad site. Even the blood draw nurse commented how nicely hydrated
> I was.
> So again, thanks much. I was resisting going to the hospital because in 16
> years I9ve only had to go once. I KNEW standard procedure is to go,
> especially since I was spilling ketones. Good lesson for me.
> Valerie
> http://www.valerieadamsglass.com
> .
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