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Re: [IP] Cataract Operation.

I didn't have a lot of pre-existing conditions except for lots of  
laser in both eyes.  I put off my cataract surgery for so long that I  
could barely see.  Finally had it done almost 4 years ago and it was  
a piece of cake.  I made sure my BG was a little high 140's and I was  
in and out of surgery in 1/2 hour.  They put lots of goo in my eye  
but no patch.  I went home and laid on the couch and by that  
afternoon I could see out of that eye.  I couldn't believe how  
vibrant the colors were.  Had to go back the next morning for a check  
up and did drops for about a week.  It was so easy I had my other eye  
done two weeks later.

BG's stayed stable.  If you have any specific questions please let me  

Type 1 50 years this June
On May 22, 2008, at 3:27 PM, Wyldceltic1 wrote:

> OK. I have ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) and now the eye guy  
> wants to take a cataract out.
> I have only one eye that works, at a _very_ nearsighted level. I  
> know this has a risk of retina detachment, and if my eye goes  
> wonky, I would be even less able to see, if at all.
> Part of me wants to do it, as it would clear up some vision for me,  
> but the underbelly part is saying 'Oh, H*** no!'. I guess it's a  
> typical fear; everyone says "Oh, that's nuthin'... they do it all  
> the time"... Yeah, they do: On folks with TWO eyes and NO ROP!  
> Needless to say, I'm a scared puppy right now.
> The Retinologist says if detachment happens, they can usually fix  
> it with laser nowadays.
> IF I go for this, how do folks on a pump deal? I know from when my  
> dad had this done they patch your eye. I will then, for the  
> overnight/following time that this patch is on, be totally blind as  
> my right eye has no function at all...
> I'm thinking:
> *New res and site the night before the op. I can use the audible  
> bolus when needed.
> *Have my big bathrobe in the fella's car so I don't have to dress  
> or whatever at home, mainly stay in a tee shirt and scrubs, slippers.
> *Get meals ready with CHO noted and recorded on my iPhone for  
> reminders when I need to eat.
> *Pitcher of iced tea or a few cans of diet coke by my bed, and some  
> glucose for any lows.
> *I have a prodigy talking meter I can use when this happens too. My  
> fella can enter the results in the pump or he can use my Ultralink  
> and run the bolus wizard for me.
> So, after the op, how long do most have to keep the patch on, what  
> drops if any would be given in the aftercare? Any soreness or  
> itching I should know about? Just any kind of feedback you can give  
> would be great.
> Thank you.
> .
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